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Reducing Power Struggles

One of the best ways to reduce power struggles with your kids is to learn the art of negotiating with them.
There are many moments in the first twelve years of your kids’ lives when you can prevent them from making poor choices. At the very least, it is possible to negotiate successful alternative with them and avoid power struggles. To accomplish such negotiation and to decrease power struggles in your home, you need tools – most importantly, the power of negotiation. Part 2

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Parent Kid Communication

If your kids would listen to you all the time, then you’d be happy because your kids wouldn’t repeat your mistakes and would ward off their own mistakes, right? Wouldn’t that be just heavenly? However, if they listen to you all the time, you will also end up with robot-like kids who think only like you do, take no risks, push no boundaries, invent nothing new, and never learn to assert themselves. Obviously, that’s not what you want. What you really want is a kid who knows when to listen and follow conventional wisdom and when to think for him or herself.

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Peace at Home

These are tools and secrets that behaviorists have used for years to maintain positive behaviors. These tools and strategies will help you maintain and continue to foster good choices by your kids. On many occasions, your kids make good decisions, behave well, comply with your request, and simply put – do the right thing! Unfortunately, it’s often when kids misbehave that we notice them.

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Organizing Kids

One of the best life skills you can give your school-aged children is an understanding of time management. To a young child the abstract concept of time can be puzzling. Fortunately, you can find inexpensive, attractive, and easy to understand calendars to help child children as young as four years old. They guide a child in following the concept of days and weeks.

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Parent Training - Create Happy Kids

Parent Training

Once you’ve build a solid foundation for a strong parenting team, the fun part begins: the process of problem solving and negotiating as a team. This process is more of an art that it is a science.

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Children Behaving - Create Happy Kids

Children Behaving

It’s natural and quite common to pay more attention to your kids when they’re being unruly and not paying attention to you. In fact, you may find it’s easy to ignore them when they’re going about their business and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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Learn from Poor Decisions - Create Happy Kids

Kids Decisions

Do you want to foster confidence and help your child continue to make good decisions?

If you do, then help your child focus on that important goal by not dwelling on mistakes or allowing him/her to become anxious about making poor choices.

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Rewarding Children

How to Reward Children for Good Decisions This is the 3rd article in a 6 part series on how to create good decision makers in our kids. In article #1, we talked about Creating Choices In article #2 we talked about Providing Clear Guidelines Today we’ll discuss: Rewarding Your Kids’ Good Decisions. Sometimes, children do […]

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Decision Making for Kids

Following directions, respecting the rules and following through with their responsibilities are your basic wishes when it comes to defining “compliance” for your kids.

Every day your kids face choices: to behave or misbehave (and to comply or be non-compliant). If your kids are busy making good choices each day, then they won’t have time to make poor choices!

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