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Kids Learn to Become Leaders

Confidence is only a byproduct of healthy self-esteem. It may be true that some kids are born a little shy or some kids are born to be leaders, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t create a confident child who will have a healthy self-esteem, even if the child is naturally shy. But how do you teach your kid to become a leader, not a bully?

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Parent Kid Communication

If your kids would listen to you all the time, then you’d be happy because your kids wouldn’t repeat your mistakes and would ward off their own mistakes, right? Wouldn’t that be just heavenly? However, if they listen to you all the time, you will also end up with robot-like kids who think only like you do, take no risks, push no boundaries, invent nothing new, and never learn to assert themselves. Obviously, that’s not what you want. What you really want is a kid who knows when to listen and follow conventional wisdom and when to think for him or herself.

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