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Reducing Power Struggles

One of the best ways to reduce power struggles with your kids is to learn the art of negotiating with them.
There are many moments in the first twelve years of your kids’ lives when you can prevent them from making poor choices. At the very least, it is possible to negotiate successful alternative with them and avoid power struggles. To accomplish such negotiation and to decrease power struggles in your home, you need tools – most importantly, the power of negotiation. Part 2

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Peace at Home

These are tools and secrets that behaviorists have used for years to maintain positive behaviors. These tools and strategies will help you maintain and continue to foster good choices by your kids. On many occasions, your kids make good decisions, behave well, comply with your request, and simply put – do the right thing! Unfortunately, it’s often when kids misbehave that we notice them.

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Kids Punishment

When your kid faces a natural consequence, he/she is facing the outcome of a decision he has made, whether or not the outcome of that decision is understood, as opposed to punishment, which is an imposed consequence for a decision that was made in spite of any understanding or warning the child may have been given. Which do you use?

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Kids Earn Privileges

Privileges should be desirable to the kid…In order for you to have any leverage when using privileges as incentive for reward, you must make sure the privilege is something your child wants. So, while I’ve provided suggestions for age appropriate privileges, the best way to find out what you kids consider rewarding

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Kids Award Charts

You may have heard of the “token system”, or “star charts” or “award charts”. All these tools have one thing in common: they allow you and your child to keep track of what tasks your kid needs to complete (or has completed), and kids receive some type of check mark or star for completing their chores/tasks.

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Image of Acknowledge your kid's good choices - Create Happy Kids

Rewarding Children

How to Reward Children for Good Decisions This is the 3rd article in a 6 part series on how to create good decision makers in our kids. In article #1, we talked about Creating Choices In article #2 we talked about Providing Clear Guidelines Today we’ll discuss: Rewarding Your Kids’ Good Decisions. Sometimes, children do […]

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Talk to your kids about being bullied - Create Happy Kids

Kids Getting Bullied

Getting your kid to talk to you about a problem can be challenging, especially if they are being bullied.

You feel frustrated that your kid won’t share what’s going on and you can’t help him/her with the problem. You may even fear for his/her safety.

What is an effective way to encourage your kid to talk about problems?

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