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Kids Earning Privileges

What is the best way to use privileges (or rewards) to motivate kids?

That is every parent’s question. The key to our success is not just what to use as privileges, but how to use them correctly. There’s more to it than “dangling a carrot at the end of a stick,” I assure you.

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Family Rules Under Our Roof - Create Happy Kids

House Rules

Once the rules are clear and established in your mind, the trick is to make sure your kids understand them.

The key to success is in early training. the sooner you begin defining and clearly communicating the rules to your kids, the better success you’ll have.

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Setting Family Rules - Create Happy Kids

Speaking on Family Rules

Let’s focus on how to set boundaries (family rules), the power of intermittent reinforcement, and the importance of consistency.

A couple of years ago, I was providing some parent training for a wonderful family. Their 11-year old son was good at testing limits and pushing boundaries. His parents were responsive to my suggestions and trying to be consistent and clear with their son about the rules.

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Rewarding Children

How to Reward Children for Good Decisions This is the 3rd article in a 6 part series on how to create good decision makers in our kids. In article #1, we talked about Creating Choices In article #2 we talked about Providing Clear Guidelines Today we’ll discuss: Rewarding Your Kids’ Good Decisions. Sometimes, children do […]

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