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Discipline Children

The challenges and struggles are in the methods and approaches some families use to teach kids how to discriminate between right and wrong and how to learn accountability. So many parents resort to punishment when they feel nothing they have tried has worked.

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Create Grateful Kids

Motivation starts with parents helping their kids identify and label privileges correctly. Once kids learn the difference between rights and privileges, they are more motivated to earn such privileges. These kids are less likely to have a sense of entitlement, or to be hurt in the long run by that sense of entitlement.

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Organizing Kids

One of the best life skills you can give your school-aged children is an understanding of time management. To a young child the abstract concept of time can be puzzling. Fortunately, you can find inexpensive, attractive, and easy to understand calendars to help child children as young as four years old. They guide a child in following the concept of days and weeks.

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Kids Award Charts

You may have heard of the “token system”, or “star charts” or “award charts”. All these tools have one thing in common: they allow you and your child to keep track of what tasks your kid needs to complete (or has completed), and kids receive some type of check mark or star for completing their chores/tasks.

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Remind Kids

You can successfully remind your kids without creating a dependent child and without nagging, and while using your kid’s skills/strengths in visual memory.

You can write down tasks that are part of the daily routine and make a list that is…

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Expectations for Kids

Before judging your kids for something they have or haven’t done, make sure your expectations are based on their ability and maturity.

Oftentimes, parents base their expectations of their kids on what they think their children should be able to do and understand at their age.

Your child’s cognitive abilities, emotional security, and developmental IQ are all important.

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Understanding Kids Perspective

One of the most important factors in successful communication with your kids is to understand their points of view. The way you listen (and validate your kid), how you express yourself clearly, and how you teach your children to “use their words” are all great ways to communicate successfully.

Many times,however, communication failures are due to errors in…

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Learn from Poor Decisions - Create Happy Kids

Kids Decisions

Do you want to foster confidence and help your child continue to make good decisions?

If you do, then help your child focus on that important goal by not dwelling on mistakes or allowing him/her to become anxious about making poor choices.

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Speaker Author

As a parent strategist, my aim is to help parents, who are ready to set aside power struggles with kids who are driving them crazy, learn simple and effective ways to make family life a whole lot better.

I want to help parents who are tired of meltdowns, tantrums and kid who defy, ignore, fail to cooperate or follow through on their commitments

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