PTA Sponsored Classes

COST: Free for the parents
Most of my classes offered through the Parent Teacher Association groups are free for the parents.

LOCATION: Any school in Washington State

MY FEE (Cost to PTA): $ 350 for a 2 hour session (for up to 15 parents)

SCHEDULE OF CLASSES: Daily: early evenings (after school hours)

What Happy Parents are saying about Shirin’s Workshops & Seminars

Happy Parents - Create Happy Kids“Excellent presenter, very approachable. Made concrete points, good examples, good humor, professional, very organized. Answered questions clearly and completely, gave examples to clarify. Good use of time. Best presentation of the conference” Sandy Call

“Your presentation was informative & concise. I liked the real world examples!” Kim Busenbark

“This class was what I needed I am going to use these strategies & ideas” Amy Roman

“Loved the format, content and presentation. I greatly benefitted from the information will recommend to friends & family.” Aileen Aquino O’Leary”

“Positive and relevant. I can start implementing these changes at home immediately.” Leslie Graf

“Shirin had lots of good positive ideas of teaching our kids how to become responsible, happy people. She did it concisely and with humor. Lovely lady with a nice voice. She spoke slow enough to be able to write notes & let the info sink in” Sharon Holguin

“Very informative on a level we all understood” Kathy Hempel

“I loved the tip of taking pictures of a clean room for your child to have a visual goal. I can’t wait for my kids to have a model to work at to earn their privileges” Carnie Raflowski

“Thank you, the presentation was clear, concise, concrete and consistent! Great tips and ideas on how to creatively lend some control to the kids as they are able, while still staying in charge” Jennifer Chilson

“Excellent material presented in an easy to understand format” Barbara Stork

“I can’t wait to read your book. These ideas are great and it will be wonderful to try them at home” Teresa Snoozy

“You can’t stump her, she’s remarkable!” Cathy Mulkey