Play With Children

Do You Take Time to Play With Your Children?

Playing Dress UpsPlay is one of the most important activities your child can engage in. It is essential for:

  • Learning/growth
  • Development of imagination
  • Building problem-solving skills
  • Helping kids build self-esteem.

Remember the joy of putting on your Mom’s shoes as a little girl and trying to walk around in them, imagining that you were the prettiest princess at the ball? Or, taking your toy cars and racing them excitedly around the living room, as a little boy?

You may remember how you felt as a young kid when your parents spent time playing with you at the park or when you played your first board game with friends!

Time Well Spent

As a parent, when you invest a little time to play with your kids, you are playing a pivotal role in building a strong bond and strengthening your relationship with your kids. Your children can benefit from play, at any age. Play is the fuel that nurtures the soul.

In one hour of play with your kid you may learn more about his/her character than you would just watching TV with your child. And more importantly, your kids get to know you better too.

Play is very important for learning

Children like Building BlocksFor example, playing with building blocks at the age of two, lays the foundation for future math skills for that child. Playing with puzzles is important in the development of early problem solving skills.

Most importantly, whether your child is active outside or playing indoors, as long as he/she is engaged in a game with you, your family bond is becoming stronger.

Group games, play dates, or just hanging out to play with a friend, is essential for forming appropriate social skills and at any age.

Play time also provides you with many ‘teachable moments’ during your quality time with your child. What better time to teach your child about virtues such as fairness, patience, and justice than during play?

Have FUN and learn! Children learn best through play. Whether they are learning about the world around them or they’re developing their character, the lessons are learned easier when the process is more fun. Get out and play with your kid and have FUN ?

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