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10 “Do Not’s” for Effective Parent Child Communication

KidNotListening-DrShirinSherkat“Don’t worry that your children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” -Robert Fulghum

You want to be heard by your kid, and your kid wants to be heard by you…is that even possible? As the parent, you can set the tone of the discussion, and if you do it right, odds are better that both sides get heard.

Here are the ten “do not’s” to remember when communicating with your children. These are the fastest ways to make sure your kids tune you out, don’t listen to you, and maybe even question your judgement and credibility.

Parents, please don’t…

  1. Shout or speak with anger in your voice.
  2. Tell your kid to, “Do as I say, not as I do.”
  3. Judge or criticize.
  4. Allow your actions to contradict your words (promise one thing, but do something else).
  5. DontIgnoreKid-DrShirinSherkatBe stubborn about your beliefs and ignore your child’s perspective.
  6. Tell lies to your kid.
  7. Allow your own agenda (hopes/dreams) to interfere with your kid’s dreams.
  8. Mock or belittle your child.
  9. Overreact to a small issue.
  10. Forget to give your child some credit or underestimate him or her.


This is an excerpt from my book: “Create Happy Kids”

Dr. Sherkat is a parent strategist who is available to do Parent Education Workshops, either Private or PTA Sponsored Classes.

Contact her at 425-772-6698.



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