New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution: Create Happy Parents

New Years Resolution - Create Happy KidsThe child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering.” ~ Benjamin Spock

Whether you are a single parent or part of a parent team, you always want the best for your kids.

There is no better way to give your children the best than by being a happy parent.

Make being a happy parent your New Years Resolution:

5 easy ways parents can become happier, feel more in control, and also, empower their kids to make better choices:

  1. Reward good decisions by your kids: This also gives you the opportunity to provide praise, feedback, guidance, reassurance & validation. How awesome is that!
    1. The best part? When you reward a good behavior, that behavior increases ?
  2. Allow some mistakes, in a supportive and positive way: This helps foster confidence and not perfectionism.
    1. When kids make a mistake, help them learn from it, focus on what they could do differently, build on their strengths in a positive and supportive environment.
  3. Pay attention to kids when they’re being ‘good’: How does this help you empower your kids make better choices? In 3 ways:
    1. When you’re paying attention, you will be able to capture a teachable moment and share a valuable lesson in the context of your child’s life, versus a missed opportunity.
    2. Happy Parents, Happy Kids - Create Happy KidsYou’ll validate your kid for doing something appropriate and build his/her confidence.
    3. You’ll be able to create a moment to reward or praise & as a result, reinforce a good choice.
  4. Ignore negative “attention-seeking” behaviors: These kinds of behaviors do indeed get more attention from parents. Instead, redirect your kid to make a different choice (by offering options).
    1. This is more effective than reacting to the (attention-seeking) negative behavior. Note: Ignoring such behaviors does NOT mean ignoring the child.
  5. Say it only once & be heard!
    Use this magical sentence to increase compliance and motivation: “First, _________ then, ____________”
    1. For example: “First eat your dinner, Then, you can have ice cream” (the first part of the sentence always includes a simple command about your child’s responsibility; the second half always includes an incentive that is very motivating to your kid).
    2. Keep this short, clear and concrete if you want it to be powerful and effective!

Excerpt taken from Book: Create Happy Kids—Practical parenting solutions to create motivated, respectful and compliant kids!
By: Dr. Shirin Sherkat
Author, Speaker, Parent Educator and Founder of: Create Happy Kids

Happy Parents in 2012 - Create Happy KidsWishing you and your family a very HAPPY year in 2012!

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