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Does Your Kid’s Behavior Change During the Holidays?

Kids behavior can change during the holidays -  Create Happy KidsHoliday season means lots of change in your kids’ daily schedules. Some children react to this with change in their behavior:

  • Outbursts
  • Non-compliance
  • Whining
  • Sleep issues and many other unwanted behaviors.

Helping your kids cope with change during the holidays!

3 things you can do as a parent to help your kids make better choices & cope with all the changes that occur during the holidays:

  1. Communicate: “Johnny, just because we are not home anymore, the rules haven’t changed! The rule is: ____(provide a clear expectation).” Take a moment and explain in a concise and clear way what you expect.
    1. Your kids may just be a little confused about what’s expected from them when they are traveling with you for the holidays (or, when Auntie Barbara and her kids come to visit for a few days).
    2. Allow them to ask questions.
  2. Reward Your Child - Create Happy KidsCreate some routines while traveling: (or, if at home for the holidays, but the kids’ normal routine is changed).
  3. Create some choices for your kids: Choices that include:
    — Rewarding activities
    — Quality time with you (where your kids get your undivided attention for even a short period of time)
    — Some time and space to themselves

The 3 Most Important Points About Routines

  1. Be consistent (even if for just the limited time during the holiday period)
  2. Help your kids follow new routines with VISUAL reminders (like, charts, lists, pictures… ). When using VISUAL reminders, it’s important to keep these 2 keys in mind:
    1. Take your child’s perspective. Remember your kids’ developmental level & their ability to remember a routine.
    2.  Use pictures or words that are clear and rewarding to your kids.
  3. Be Clear. Communicate your expectation about the rules or routines in a clear language that is easy to understand for your kids. Keep your message short & sweet.

Children's Behavior During the Holidays - Create Happy Kids

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