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How to Turn Kids’ Award Charts Into Reward Charts

KidsAwards-CreateHappyKidsIn our last article we began the discussion of How to Remind Your Kids Without Nagging. In this article we’ll continue the discussion by talking about using awards or tokens to help your kid remember the tasks they are responsible for.

Lists can be used as checklists, where parents check off each item the child completes independently.

These checklists can then play an important role in helping your kid earn privileges as we have previously discussed.

Award your kids…

You may have heard of the “token system”, or “star charts” or “award charts”. All these tools have one thing in common: they allow you and your child to keep track of what tasks your kid needs to complete (or has completed), and kids receive some type of check mark or star for completing their chores/tasks.

Once you have successfully started using a visual list of reminders for your kid and have noticed you’re not reminding your kids of their chores as often, there are several ways you could modify their lists. In addition to checklists, you could also add a reward component by adding a little value to each successfully completed checklist. And, you could combine a checklist with a way of rewarding your kids to help the earn privileges such as TV time, special outings, a favorite toy, etc.

Anna’s Story

KidsAllowance-DrShirinSherkatYears ago, I worked with some parents who had decided that Anna, their eleven-year-old daughter, was ready to start earning a weekly allowance. Since they had already established a checklist for her morning and after-school routines, they decided to add a value to her daily checklist. They allowed her to earn a certain monetary amount each time she completed her tasks without any reminders from her parents.

This practice is one way of integrating a great motivational tool into an existing technique to make doing chores and helping around the house more attractive to your kid.

Anna said she felt good because her parents trusted her enough to treat her like a responsible young adult. Additionally, she looked forward to earning money through her checklist system. Since she wanted to earn even more allowance for special occasions (like holidays), she asked her parents to give her even more responsibility around the house.

Her parents were overjoyed!

In our next article we’ll discuss the use of calendars to teach kids time management skills.

This is an excerpt from my book: “Create Happy Kids”

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