Kids and Crisis

Help Kids Cope With The Tragedy in Connecticut

Kids and Crisis - Create Happy KidsWhat a terrible, unnecessary tragedy parents and kids are facing in Newtown Connecticut. As parents try to help their kids understand and cope with their experience, I would like to offer a few suggestions that might help.

5 effective and powerful ways to help our KIDS cope best with this crisis:

  1. Assure your kids that you are there for them and everything will be OK. “I’m here for you sweetie. It’s all going to be OK” as simple as that! you don’t have to make any promises. Provide extra comfort, hugs, kisses, smiles and reassuring messages…At times like this, families coming together and providing support can restore balance and harmony.
  2. Keep your reactions in check in front of your kids. *Breathe* ~Keep calm. They’re watching you. Maintain your composure.
    It’s OK to cry in front of your kids. However, if they are very young and don’t quite understand what is going on, they may become very anxious when they see you very upset.
  3. Closely supervise their exposure to the media coverage of this tragedy.
    For very young children (under the age of 6): repeated exposure to any TV or online coverage of this story can be *repeatedly* traumatizing.

  4. Maintain routines and family rituals.  During times of crisis, structure and simple daily routines can be very useful in creating a sense of normalcy and *security* in young children

  5. If your kids are older and can understand what has happened, help them process it by letting them talk about it and share their feelings. Sometime when kids can’t discuss it, it can be helpful to write about it (or draw/paint). Let the kids express themselves in a way that is comfortable to them.

    Bless the children

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