Independence in Children

How Can You Instill Independence in Your Children?

Teaching your child independenceOne of the best ways to teach your children independence is to use effective reminders.

Tired of repeating yourself with your kids?!  Do you feel tuned out by them!??

Give effective reminders that work! Never have to repeat yourself over and over again, and get your kids to comply!

Want to know how??

Use Simple & Visual reminders.

Two Important Facts:

  • FACT 1: Kids are visual learners
  • FACT 2: The easiest way to create independent kids is to provide them with visual reminders rather than constant verbal ones.

Here are THREE powerful and effective ways to provide visual reminders for your kids to help them stay on task, take care of their responsibility and feel motivated:

(1) Token Systems   (2) Schedules    (3) Checklists

    1. Token Systems–This could be as simple as a piece of paper with a few spaces in a row, where you place a checkmark for each step your kid completes.
      1. Provide a reward/praise at the end for your kid’s accomplishment.
      2.  Kids can follow their progress visually and easily reach their goal: complete a task.


    1. Schedules–A simple page of a wall calendar would do. Maybe a week-at-a-glace!
      1. Use words and pictures appropriate to your child’s age.
      2. Help your kids keep track and anticipate events using the calendar.
      3. This method helps younger kids with time management and provides effective reminders for what they need to do or expect.
  1. Check Lists help your child be independentChecklists–Another simple yet powerful tool for kids who can read, is to keep track of their chores, or rules, or routines…
    1. They can also use their checklists to EARN rewards! Kids can actually see how they can earn points or checkmarks for reaching certain goals.
    2. This tool helps teach organization skills, time-management and independence.


Keep it SIMPLE! Keep is VISUAL!  And as a result, say it only ONCE!!

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