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5 Steps to Balance Family Life and Help Eliminate Stress


Balance is one of my favorite words, in fact, I dedicated a chapter to it in my book “Create Happy Kids.” It’s not just my favorite word; it also happens to be the key to your success when facing daily parenting challenges. Having a healthy dose of balance between setting expectations and modifying some of these rules occasionally teaches your kids flexibility without ignoring the rules on which they rely.

Way back in the “good old days,” before your kid could talk, you began to set boundaries, be clear about your expectations, and share some control with your baby. Before he was six months old, you had established what the rule was about bedtime, and before his first birthday, you had set clear parameters about what was okay to touch and what was not. You have been sharing control with your baby from very early on.

Remember the time you realized your child could hold her own bottle during feeding! Your hand gently hovered nearby to intervene if the baby swallowed too much or started coughing, but you beamed with pride when you noticed she could truly hold her own bottle for the most part and drink most of the milk safely.

The following quote, one of my favorites, seems appropriate:

The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride bicycles.

A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both support and freedom.

The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard. – Sloan Wilson

The Art of Creating Balance

The art of creating balance in your family life is not as difficult as most experts make it sound…Think “simple and easy.” If you take a few small steps every day to create more balance in your daily life, you will cope better, and more importantly, you’ll teach your kids better coping skills too. The key to your success is learning to prioritize. It doesn’t take money to have balance in life. It doesn’t take a lot of time either. If you have been using lack of money, time or resources as excuses not to bring more balance into your family’s daily life, you may want to re-evaluate.

I know families who have resources and money, but lack balance in their lives…so rather than focusing on excuses, let’s focus on practical solutions that will add the balance that is lacking.

Five Steps to Create Balance

BalancedFamilyLife-CreateHappyKidsYou can start these 5 action steps today, and begin to create more balance. You’ll not only be creating a balanced family life, but you will be teaching your kids the same principles, which will help them cope later in their own lives.

  1. Create quality personal time for yourself
  2. Create special time for you and your spouse
  3. Create some quality time to spend with each child, one at a time
  4. Create dinner time
  5. Simplify

Creating balance in your life brings more joy and peace, and just as important, prevents feelings of being overwhelmed, overstressed, and resentful. It will help you enjoy the family you love so much!

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