Compatible Parenting Views

Do You Have Compatible Parenting Views?

Compatible Parenting Views - Create Happy KidsThis is the 3rd in a 6 part series on creating a happy and effective parenting team: Our first article was “Parents Working Together” and our second article was “Parent Communication”

Whether you and your spouse are raising your kids(s) in the same home, or you are co-parenting and live apart, you have to agree on some compatible values.

If you think such agreement is impossible, allow me to suggest at least five concepts you and even your ex’s current spouse can agree on. These basic concepts affect the child’s rights and safety.

I hope you and everyone involved as co-parenting partners, (your ex-spouse, your new spouse, your ex’s new spouse, other family members who may be involved, etc.) agree on these concepts that are essential for your child’s well being.

The 5 Essentials

  • The child should be protected and safe at all times.
  • The children’s health and well being take priority over their desire for privileges routinely.
    • Essential Parenting Views - Create Happy KidsFor example, eating a good meal, completing schoolwork, and attending school are not to be replaced by going to the movies
  • The children’s rights, bodies, and minds are respected at all times.
  • The parents’ role is to be in charge and provide a safe, clean and stable home environment.
  • The children are provided basic necessities for nurturing, love and support.

If you don’t agree…

I trust that you and your co-parenting partner(s) can find some compatible values within these basic concepts to agree upon when it comes to taking care of your children. IF you don’t agree on these concepts, then a mediator or parenting expert may have to get involved for the child’s protection.

In our next article we’ll discuss Respecting the Other Parent’s Point of View

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