Children and Self Esteem

 Creating Self Esteem in Children

ListeningtoChildre-ShirinSherkatWhen children feel respected and heard, they feel honored and they believe they matter. You don’t have to agree with someone to validate his feelings or respect her point of view. Kids who feel honored grow up with a healthy dose of self-esteem.

Another way to create a healthy self-esteem is through teaching your kids coping skills and building on their own strengths. How you teach your pre-school children to cope with fear, stress, anger, injustice, change or illness can be effective in empowering them to face adversity in the future. After all, coping is nothing more than using one’s skills to manage better, adapt when necessary, and accept what is impossible to change.

Helping Your Kids With Goals

As your kids grow up and start to set their own goals, your role as a parent is just as important. They still need guidance from time to time. They need to remember who they are and to set realistic and reasonable goals as they face the pressures and challenges of school years. Focusing on your kids’ strengths, as they improve and grow, is essential to building their healthy self-esteem.

For example, if you were working on improving your cooking skills, it would be important first to maintain the basic cooking skills you may already have, such as food prep, meal planning, or using basic kitchen tools. In much the same way, when creating or shaping a human being into a young adult who has a healthy self-esteem, begin with maintaining (and appreciating) the strengths and skills the person already possesses.

Once you have established the kids’ strengths and skills, and provided the structure they need to plant their roots, it’s time to allow them to explore their potential, spread their wings, and push the limits in a balanced and healthy way.

The Key to Self-Esteem

TimidKid-ShirinSherkatA child who is not confident or who lacks self-esteem is often paralyzed with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Do you want to create a successful and happy kid, or one who is riddled with guilt, self-doubt, or worse, is a perfectionist?

The key is balance.

We all experience doubt, fear, and even depression at some time. The question is: How much will we allow these emotions to impact our lives? How well will we cope with adversity in our lives? Confidence plays a big role in how your kids don’t just survive what the future holds for them, but how they also THRIVE!

Dr. Sherkat is a parent strategist who is available to do Parent Education Workshops, either Private or PTA Sponsored Classes.

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