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Motivated Kids

If “not being heard” is the number one complaint of most parents, then “lack of motivation” has to be number two! I have often heard parents say, ” I have to ask my kids a million times to get hem to finish something.” Wouldn’t you rather supervise them in a positive way, and have them initiate tasks on their own?

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Kids Learn to Become Leaders

Confidence is only a byproduct of healthy self-esteem. It may be true that some kids are born a little shy or some kids are born to be leaders, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t create a confident child who will have a healthy self-esteem, even if the child is naturally shy. But how do you teach your kid to become a leader, not a bully?

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Eliminate Family Life Stress

Balance is one of my favorite words. It’s not just my favorite word; it also happens to be the key to your success when facing daily parenting challenges and stress. Having a healthy dose of balance between setting expectations and modifying some of these rules occasionally teaches your kids flexibility without ignoring the rules on whey they rely.

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Kids Manipulation

It can begin at an early age…your kid learns how to manipulate you. Babies realize that crying gets attention, young kids learn that begging gets them what they want, and as they get older, they learn about guilt trips and other manipulative behaviors. As a parent, your job is to teach your kid that there is greater benefit to negotiating rather than manipulating.

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