Balanced Family Life

How Do You Create a Balance in Your Family Life?

“Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the earth.”  – Deepak Chopra

BalanceFamilyLife-CreateHappyKidsThe art of creating balance is not as difficult as most experts make it sound.

Think “simple and easy.” If you take a few small steps every day to create more balance in your daily life, you will cope better and more importantly, you’ll teach your kids better coping skills too. The key to your success is learning to prioritize. It doesn’t take money to have balance in your life. It doesn’t take a lot of time either. If you have been using lack of money, time or resources as excuses not to bring more balance into your family’s daily life, you may want to re-evaluate.

In my experience, I have gotten to know families with resources and money, yet they lack balance in their lives. Instead of focusing on the excuses that I’ve heard from plenty of families, let’s focus on some practical solutions you can use to add balance to your life.

Here are

Five Actions Steps

you can take starting today, to create more balance. And while you’re at it through modeling you’ll teach your kids some important lessons about coping skills.

ONE: Create Quality Time Just for You.

If you’ve flown on a commercial flight then you’ve heard this before:

In the unlikely event of a cabin depressurization, oxygen masks will appear overhead. Reach up and pull the mask closest to you, fully extending the plastic tubing. Reach up and pull the mask over your own nose and mouth and slip the elastic strap over your head. Tighten by pulling on the ends. The bag does not need to inflate for oxygen to be flowing. If you are seated next to a small child or someone needing assistance secure your own mask first before assisting the child.

Flight attendants’ last sentence has always left the biggest impression on me. I often use this example routinely to remind all parents that if we aren’t okay, we can’t take care of those who may depend on us in times of emergency! If you want to do a better job in handling the incredible amount of stress involved with raising a child (or children), you must take care of yourself first.

Creating time for yourself is very important.

It doesn’t need to take lots of time, money, or a huge investment on your part. It could just mean taking a few minutes to carve space and time in your busy day just to BE!

  • BE left alone
  • BE calm and quiet
  • BE at peace
  • BE with your own thoughts

Following are TEN things you can choose from (and you can do) that would have a positive impact on your health and emotional well being in a positive way (each takes less than twenty minutes):

  1. Take twenty deep breaths. (Done correctly, this only takes about ten minutes.)
  2. Take a walk.
  3. Take a warm bath.
  4. TakeTimeforYourself-CreateHappyKidsTake a break and just hang out.
  5. Take a nap.
  6. Call a good friend.
  7. Read a book or magazine for twenty minutes.
  8. Sip some tea and look at something in nature (flowers, the sky, a few clouds or pictures of a natural scene).
  9. Stretch or workout.
  10. Meditate

These ten examples are simple things you can do to make some time in your busy day. Showing your kids that you do something to take care of yourself sets a good example for them. Explain to your kids why it’s important for you to have this time. You can set some clear and simple rules (and boundaries) about what it means to respect your time.

This covers one of the five action steps to help you create a balance in your family life, in our next 3 articles we’ll discuss the other 4 action steps:

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This is an excerpt from my book: “Create Happy Kids”

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