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Kids Earn Privileges

Privileges should be desirable to the kid…In order for you to have any leverage when using privileges as incentive for reward, you must make sure the privilege is something your child wants. So, while I’ve provided suggestions for age appropriate privileges, the best way to find out what you kids consider rewarding

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Bribe Your Kids

As you’re mastering the art of motivating your kids, it’s important to avoid falling back into old habits. In my experience, sometimes while parents are learning how to create a more motivated and grateful child, they may confuse bribing with using incentives. Let’s focus on specific ways you can differentiate between bribes, threats and incentives.

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Listen to Older Kids

Today we’ll discuss listening to older kids, which can be a little complex. You can help him/her feel heard…It’s never too early or too late to start honoring and respecting your children’s point of view. This is the best way to model for them how to honor and respect your point of view.

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Listening to Young Kids

When your kids are speaking to you, respond in a way that allows children to understand that you heard them. I’m not necessarily talking about understanding or agreeing with the child; I’m talking about a statement that sends an important message that you’re a parent who cares and you’re listening!

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Listen to Kids

In all the years I provided training for families, I would often ask kids, “If you had a magic want and you could change one thing about your parents, what would it be?” or ” If you had a magic wand and could make your parents do whatever you wanted, what would it be?” Almost consistently, they have told me they would make their parents listen to them and hear the better.

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Organizing Kids

One of the best life skills you can give your school-aged children is an understanding of time management. To a young child the abstract concept of time can be puzzling. Fortunately, you can find inexpensive, attractive, and easy to understand calendars to help child children as young as four years old. They guide a child in following the concept of days and weeks.

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Kids Award Charts

You may have heard of the “token system”, or “star charts” or “award charts”. All these tools have one thing in common: they allow you and your child to keep track of what tasks your kid needs to complete (or has completed), and kids receive some type of check mark or star for completing their chores/tasks.

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Remind Kids

You can successfully remind your kids without creating a dependent child and without nagging, and while using your kid’s skills/strengths in visual memory.

You can write down tasks that are part of the daily routine and make a list that is…

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Happy Kids

All good parents have one thing in common: they want the best for their kids, they all want happy kids.

Over the years, I have heard countless parents say that their main concern is repeating their own parents’ mistakes. One mom told me, “I know exactly what mistakes I don’t want to make,” The she added more nervously, “I’m not worried about what to do, no what not to do!”

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