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Avoid power struggles with your kids - Create Happy KidsAs a parent strategist, my aim is to help parents, who are ready to set aside power struggles with kids who are driving them crazy, learn simple and effective ways to make family life a whole lot better.

I want to help parents who are tired of meltdowns, tantrums and kid who defy, ignore, fail to cooperate or follow through on their commitments by introducing them to road tested and proven behavior modification techniques that put prevention of these and future problems center stage.

I can help you achieve results that you thought might be beyond your grasp until now.

I will be your guide:

  • Talking back becomes having a conversation
  • Tuned out becomes tuned in
  • Lack of initiative transforms into motivation
  • Defiance becomes compliance
  • Nagging becomes a thing of the past
  • Chaos turns into order
  • Families learn to enjoy each other more as the spirit of cooperation becomes their new and lasting reality
  • Parents who used to feel tired, overworked and under appreciated now feel empowered with skills that crease ease, flow and joy in their families at long last.

One of the concepts I talk about is: “Say it Only Once”

Fact #1: Kids are visual learners

That means that using visual tools to teach kids is most effective and efficient. Guess what? That goes for you as well.

Kids arfe visual learners - Create Happy KidsIf I told you my phone number once or twice, and you tried to remember it later, chances are, like most adults, you wouldn’t be able to recall it accurately. However, if you saw the number in writing, or if you wrote down my number, you would have an easier time recalling it, or referring to the note later, to remind yourself (without having to ask me my number again).

The fact is based on my years of clinical experience. Although there are a number of important considerations when it comes to understanding a child’s perspective, you’ll want to remember this one the next time you need to remind your kids about anything.

Fact #2: The quickest way to make your kids dependent on you is constantly and exclusively to provide them with verbal reminders.

In my profession, constantly reminding children is known as creating “prompt-dependent children,” which means kids who gradually become more dependent on you (the parent) to remind, or “prompt” them to what to do next.

This happens because your kid’s brain processes verbal reminders differently than visual reminders.

As I mentioned earlier, kids are visual learners. Their visual memories are very powerful. In order to teach a kid a complex task using only verbal reminders, you would have to work much harder than teaching the same kid by using a visual reminder.

Three ways to remind your kids without creating a dependent child:

Help kids learn using calendars - Create Happy Kids

  1. Write down tasks that are part of the child’s daily routine (such as chores and other responsibilities) and make a list that is easy to read and understand.
  2. Introduce the concept of organizing time by using calendars with your child from as early as three years old.
  3. Remember the magical sentence: “First………; then……….” This process is especially helpful for younger kids when establishing rules and limitations.

As an author/speaker, I have taught parenting workshops, and have spoken at conferences, schools and parenting groups.

I would enjoy the opportunity to speak to your audience.

Call me for your next event, I will customize my topic to your needs.


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